We offer businesses their own beautifully designed dedicated page. Here, you will find all the information that is needed to capture a lead. You will also find links to your website and social media platforms, and your usp’s will be showcased as well.

At thenetwork we recognise just how difficult it can be to rank a business and keep it ranking when all your competitors are vying for those sought-after positions in google. Knowing where to start, what steps to take, and how best to achieve your end goals and maintain the moment you have built are crucial.

We can help by providing you with an easy and straightforward way to rank your business in Google. Our approach is simple. 

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What Should
You Expect from Our Service?_

We will be working behind the scenes to ensure your business not only comes up on thenetwork but also on google. Google are forever adapting their algorithms in response to an ever-changing world, introducing new rules and changing existing ones, having a knock-on effect with what’s needed to rank successfully. To ensure your presence remains seen, you need to build up connections. Google recognises authority, and so we at thenetwork will help your business by implementing links. This will help move you towards the top of the pile, improving your seo (search engine optimisation).

As for your profile, it will feature all the relevant information to help you rank, including:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Website and Social Media Links
  • Phone Number and Location
  • Opening Hours
  • Reviews
  • Description and Gallery Images
  • and more!

Brand Awareness_

Brand awareness is an all-important cornerstone of your success as it relates to the extent to which customers can recall or recognise your brand under different conditions. For instance, you see the familiar golden arches, and you immediately recognise this logo as belonging to mcdonald’s. Another example would be apple’s famous logo. Building awareness of your brand and logo is important for building loyalty.

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Connections are important as these are emotional links a brand must build with its customers to create a two-way relationship. But more than that, connections are important for educating and enthusing those working within a company with the brand’s values. By connecting an entire company internally to your brand’s promise, this can then be connected externally to your customers.

Authoritative Link_

Authoritative links or authority links are an invaluable tool for generating tremendous amounts of ranking power that can greatly benefit any business’s website. An authority link is a link from any website that’s gained a significant amount of trust and authority with google and other search engines. There is no clear reference or guideline as to what constitutes an authoritative link, though age and quality can have an impact. Typically, market-leading sides, government websites, educational institutes, and large corporations are all safe bets.

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Integrated Review System_

Customer reviews can have a tremendous amount of impact on your business’s overall rankings. As part of our process, we use an integrated review system to feature your top reviews in one location. Anyone basing their decision on customer feedback will see your business portrayed in the best possible light. We build an api feed from thenetwork to your website.


Search engine optimisation or seo is an on-going process that focuses on improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a specific web page from serps (search engine results pages). Unlike ppc or pay per click, which targets paid traffic, seo targets unpaid (organic) traffic instead. When we start, we request five phrases or words for which you would like to rank. When users search for these phrases or words, your company will appear. We are working on localised seo.

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Traffic relates to the number of visitors landing on a website or web page, and this can be significantly increased by directing users from serps. In marketing, traffic is classified into several categories, including organic and search traffic. We are driving lots of traffic to thenetwork and by implementing links, we can increase traffic to your site, gradually moving you closer and closer to the top of the pile.


Our entire approach is geared towards generating leads for your business. Leads refer to contact with potential customers or prospects and are vital for growing your business. We leverage more than 20 years’ experience and utilise our world-class team’s skills to position your business next to the best in the industry; in turn, we help you cultivate the sorts of leads that will drive your business forward.

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If you would like to discuss what we offer businesses, including anything we’ve mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with thenetwork by calling +44(0)1202 798 777.