When you join thenetwork today and sign up for our Businesses Listings Package, one of the many benefits you’ll receive is a handy customer review rating button for your website.

This useful button sits either to the left or right of the screen and is visible throughout the site. As users scroll, the button remains centred, so it’s always in your customers’ line of sight where it displays your current review rating. Clicking on the button provides customers with quick and easy access to your profile page, top-rated reviews, and other useful information. 

the network review badge
  • Super-Easy to Add to Any Website
  • Huge Bonuses for SEO
  • Fully Responsive – Access Your Entire Profile with a Single Click
  • Accessible on Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet
  • Backed by 20+ Years of Experience

Your SEO Presence_

Google loves authority – the more authority a website has, the higher it will rank in search results. Online directories, such as thenetwork, provide consumers with a way to cut through the marketing noise. They can perform searches filtered by niche, location, or category. Online directories are often considered trusted sources and are an excellent way to build trusted links. By having your business listed and linked via the featured button, you increase your site’s visibility and the chance of making sales. 

Your profile page, to which this button links, contains everything needed to capture important leads, build connections, and generate authority to help greatly improve your SEO ranking. Your business will be featured prominently along with categories/ tags based on the keywords and phrases you provided us. Plus, your best reviews will be on show here for all that click on the button to see. 

Creating and Adding a
Button to Your Website_

So, how do you get started? How do you go about creating and integrating a customer review rating button on your website? 

  • Get in touch with us today, and we’ll start by creating your business listing on thenetwork. Once this is done, we will generate a custom API key unique to your business’s website.
  • An API key is a small piece of code or a script and an API key number. As stated above, this is unique to your business. Once created, we’ll pass it along to you, so either you or your in-house developer can add it to the site.
  • The API key will need to go in the footer or header of the website. If you require any assistance with this step, simply get in touch with thenetwork.
  • The button’s default colour is either black or white. If you’d prefer a different colour, your developer can make the necessary change using CSS to match the button to your branding.

And that’s it! The script will work on any website platform, and once in place, the fully responsive button will follow the users as they navigate your website. This happens whether they are accessing the site on a desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. As soon as users click the button, they’ll be taken directly to your listing on thenetwork, where they can read reviews, leave a review of their own, and see other important business information. 

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss what we offer businesses, including anything we’ve mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with thenetwork by calling +44(0)1202 798 777.